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How To Order Tailor Made Suits Online


For men who want to look their best, a great suit is always a great investment. Before you start thinking about spending more on materials, though, you should consider the fit and finish of your suits. You can upgrade your look significantly without spending too much more if you know how to shop for tailor made suits online. Here’s a guide to get you started.


  • Understand The Difference Between “Made To Measure” And “Bespoke”

If your understanding of fine suits is largely influenced by what you’ve seen in the movies, you should know that the exquisite suit that’s expertly crafted right on the suave secret agent’s body is what is known in the trade as a “bespoke” suit. This is a suit created literally out of whole cloth to the customer’s order, and it is unbelievably expensive.

When you order tailor made suits online, what you’re dealing with is a made to measure suit. This is a far less costly product, but one that still delivers an excellent value. A made to measure suit, for instance, is light years ahead of something you grab off the rack. These suits are cut according to pre-made patterns, but they’re created by highly skilled tailors and with good measurements, they should provide an excellent fit.

  • Get Your Measurements Right

Of course, you may have noticed that a fairly large caveat about the quality of made to order suits was just dropped: The tailors must have accurate measurements. You can ensure you get good ones by taking a couple of simple steps.

First, follow any and all directions your suit maker provides for collecting measurements. There’s no objective “perfect” way to collect the measurements required for a suit, so it makes sense to do the job the way the specific company that’ll be creating the suit wants it done.

Second, and probably much more importantly, enlist the help of a friend. There are a few vital measurements you can collect on your own, like your wrist, waist, and bicep. Others, like your inseam or your shoulders, are virtually impossible to collect solo.

  • Pay Attention To Alteration Policies

Depending on the tailor you’re working with and the type of suit you’re ordering, you may or may not be entitled to some custom alteration work to further improve the fit of your suit after it’s been sewn and sent to you. Review the site’s policies on these matters carefully before you commit to a purchase.

Complimentary alterations may not be available for the very cheapest tailored suits, which makes it especially important to get your measurements straight. If you’ve verified that your tailor is willing to do one or more complimentary alterations, though, it makes sense to take full advantage of the opportunity. Don’t hesitate to ask about correcting anything you see as a fault or a defect once you get your hands on your suit.
There aren’t many men who would deny that tailor made suits look better than those bought off the rack. Thanks to modern online tailors, it’s easier and cheaper than ever before to take advantage of tailors’ skills. Why not invest in a better fit when you buy your next suit?