Why the Corner Castings do Rounded Corners?

Corner Castings

To make the Corner casting parts smooth transfer, prevent the thick sections to thin sections of a sharp transition, to reduce the metal flow in the Angle shaped by the vortex of slag, iron beans and bubble; Especially not because of the Angle of stress concentration and the Angle in shell overheat, die material and […]

The Most Complete Guide: 17-4 Investment Casting

carbon steel casting

Other properties of 17-4 ph investment casting are high strength, high hardness, excellent fatigue resistance, etc. So the 17-4PH stainless steel castings are more resistant to corrosion than any other standard pardonable casting and can be used in many media as an alternative to alloy 304. Corrosion resistance in certain chemical, petroleum, and paper industries […]

What is Foundry? Your Complete Guide


An industry of metal castings and provides casting services is known as Foundry project. Our modern living standard and economic progress are due to foundries, but many of us have little knowledge of them.Foundry manufacturing is one of the world’s oldest manufacturing techniques. However, despite the fact that the foundry industry is centuries old, the […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Investment Casting

Investment Casting

When it comes to manufacturing, each component must satisfy exact requirements in order to produce a finished product. There are several procedures available to create unique pieces for a product, but investment casting is one approach that excels in many ways.Investment casting is an industrial process that is based on lost-wax casting, one of the […]