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As one of the well-known steel casting manufacturers, our services include stainless steel casting, alloy steel casting, carbon steel casting, manganese steel casting, and the manufacturing of other metal casting products. Casting products of our steel casting foundry span across many industries, including but not limited to agriculture, automotive and railroad, petrochemical, and constructional industry.


At Every Step of the steel Casting Process

Dandong Dawang Steel Castings Co.,Ltd成立于1998年。我们目前有3个钢铁铸造厂,总面积为120,000㎡。

Our steel casting processes include investment casting (lost wax casting), sand casting, and shell mold casting. We also have our own high-quality machining center and painting workshop, so we can supply finished steel casting parts for our clients. We hold certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, IATF16949, PED, AD2000, and DNV/GL.

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Proud of Dawang Steel Casting Foundry

Building The Future of steel casting industry

In 2018, Dawang Steel Castings celebrated its 20 year anniversary. Since our founding, we have built a rich tradition of excellence. We’re the premier steel investment casting foundry in China and highly regarded across the steel casting industry.

Watch the video of dawang steel casting foundry to learn more about our successful journey and future goals!

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International Reputation

Dawang served clients across three continents— Asia, North America, and Europe. Our major clients are from USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, UK, etc.

We have built and maintained a close relationship with our clients for the past 20 years by providing them with the best customer service and steel casting products.


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What types of steel casting service do you provide?


Our steel casting foundry achieves:

Investment casting/lost wax casting, sand casting, and shell mold casting.

As one of the professional steel casting manufacturers, we have 3 steel casting foundries and provide specialized parts casting services like housing casting, and cast different materials like low carbon steel casting. With our steel casting foundry and precision casting services, you will achieve a flexible combination of parts, materials, and casting methods. For example, housing stainless steel investment casting.

Compared with other steel casting manufacturers, we are trying to produce “Best Metal Casting China” and improve our steel casting company to be better. We are working for the result that no matter you want to create housing casting, low carbon steel casting, or stainless steel investment casting, once you searched “Metal Casting China”, you will find our steel casting company.

What's the casting capacity of your steel casting foundry?

Casting capacity depends on the performance of steel casting manufacturers and the number of steel casting foundry the company has. Any excellent steel casting company usually has more than one steel casting foundry, and the more steel casting foundry it has, the more casting capacity it has.

As one of the famous steel casting manufacturers, we have 3 steel casting foundries in China and provide different types of casting manufacturing services. Our current annual capacity is 18,000 tons.

What's the typical range of weights and sizes your steel casting foundry can produce?

The range of weights and sizes for the casting products depends on the casting capacity of steel casting manufacturers.


Weight: 0.1 – 1500 kg


What steel materials are you capable for steel casting?

Our steel casting foundries in China provide outstanding casting manufacturing service for various kinds of steel:

Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

Steel casting manufacturers that can deal with different kinds of materials, such as stainless steel, and alloy steel, are typically more flexible with clients’ needs.

Does your company provide cast valve machining service?

Yes, as a rich experience steel casting company, we provide valve body casting service and other precision casting services we have our own machining workshop and provide casting parts machining service. We have our own horizontal and vertical machining center, CNC lathe, boring machine, drilling machine, and other machines.

We are the leader of steel casting manufacturers and our valve body casting manufacturing service exists investment casting, sand casting, and shell mold casting. Our experienced steel casting foundry provides high-quality steel casting and produces metal parts for a variety of industries. Especially, our casting parts in automobiles are durable.

We have more than one steel casting foundry and high casting capacity for valve body products. As a professional steel casting company, our steel casting foundry provides advanced casting prats, safety product delivery, and satisfied after-service.


Hole defects include porosity, shrinkage, shrinkage, slag hole, sand hole, iron bean.
Preventive measures:
Porosity: the charge should be cleaned, the ferroalloy should be baked well, the ladle should be baked well during pouring; the overheating temperature and time of molten metal should be controlled by reasonable melting process, the cooling rate of castings should be accelerated, or solidified under pressure, and the gas should be precipitated; the appropriate pouring process, gating system and pouring conditions should be selected to facilitate the discharge of gas; the air permeability of the mold shell should be improved, and the exhaust hole should be added when necessary; the suitable temperature of molten metal, pouring temperature and baking temperature of the mold shell should be added; the roasting mold shell should be fully roasted; the particle size of binder and refractory should be reasonably selected.
faci收缩:正确设计的浇注系统litate casting and sequential solidification and shrinkage; improvement of casting structure to make wall thickness as uniform as possible or increase process subsidy and cold iron; use of appropriate pouring process, such as high temperature, low temperature pouring; increase mold cooling rate, or reasonable mold formation, increase wax mold spacing and improve local heat dissipation conditions; reduce molten metal temperature during pouring and increase the height of pressure head; select smelting alloy with low shrinkage if necessary.
Sand hole: keep wax and gate rod clean, prevent mold shell from falling into cavity during dewaxing, handling, storage, roasting, pouring or sand filling. Before pouring, vacuum cleaner should be used to clean the mold cavity; select suitable shell material, reasonable shell making process, strictly operate, avoid shell layer stratification; improve gating system design, avoid direct entry of refractory material into cavity and slow down the impact of molten metal on cavity surface; pay attention to pouring operation, slow down and fast before pouring, avoid severe scour of molten metal to cavity
Slag hole: strengthen charge management, adopt clean charge when smelting; use proper amount of slagging agent and deoxidizer when smelting, molten metal should have enough static time, which is beneficial to slag floating; remove slag on ladle before pouring; improve gating system design; Improve the height of ladle nozzle to shell gate cup.
铁豆:当第一两层涂层,工资attention to the operation, to eliminate the sharp angle, corner bubble; the new coating should be static for a certain time, when adding wetting agent, should add appropriate amount of defoamer; wax mold should be degreased before coating; improve casting design, sharp angle, corner should be smooth transition.

Cracks include: hot crack, cold crack.
Preventive measures:
Hot crack: improve casting structure, wall thickness as uniform as possible, increase casting round corner or add process bar; improve shell material or reduce shell layer number, add appropriate amount of additive, increase pouring temperature, increase shell concession; improve pouring system design; select reasonable pouring process; select materials with low thermal cracking tendency, keep furnace clean, select reasonable smelting process, add rare earth elements in appropriate amount, improve high temperature strength and plasticity of castings.

3表面缺陷casting products
Surface defects include sand sticking, scarring, sand clamping and cold insulation.
Preventive measures:
Sanding: reasonable selection of shell materials and ensure their quality, full deoxidation, minimization of molten metal oxidation, and removal of oxide produced; control of humidity and storage time of shell storage site, use of reasonable roasting process; proper reduction of molten metal temperature and shell temperature during pouring; improvement of casting structure and heat dissipation parts; proper improvement of surface coating viscosity; proper reduction of molten metal temperature during pouring; proper reduction of pouring temperature of molded shell; proper reduction of height of pressure head.
Scarring: the coating should be fully stirred, after hanging, the air is dry well and hardened fully; reduce the density of binder in the surface coating; reduce the temperature of molten metal and shell when pouring properly, Reduce oxide in molten metal and low melting point inclusions in shell surface; improve casting structure.
Sand clamping: prevent mold shell delamination, select reasonable pouring process, reduce stress, avoid inner surface rupture of mold shell, improve casting structure, avoid large plane or concave as far as possible, design inner gate correctly, avoid local overheating; Select reasonable shell making process and strictly implement, fully harden or dry well, make coating close combination, improve shell strength.
Cold insulation: properly increase the temperature of molten metal and shell during pouring, improve the design of gating system, increase the number and position of cross section and inner gate of gating system, so as to shorten the filling time of molten metal in cavity; properly increase pouring speed, make molten metal enter cavity continuously and smoothly, and avoid the phenomenon of breaking flow; when pouring, put cover agent in the ladle in advance to prevent secondary oxidation of molten metal; make molten metal filling smoothly during pouring.

4 Defects in size, shape and weight
Dimensional shape and weight of unqualified defects include: flying wings, inadequate pouring, deformation, dislocation, Residues in the cavity, Pit, Inclusions.

Preventive measures:
Insufficient pouring: strictly control the temperature of wax material after stirring; strictly control the injection pressure, and contact wax injection can not be interrupted; improve the pressure design to facilitate exhaust.
Deformation: reasonable selection of binders and refractories as well as paint, shell making and pouring process; control of coating ratio, viscosity and temperature, pay attention to shell coating and hanging operation; shell to prevent a certain time to dewaxing; choose a reasonable roasting process, strictly control roasting temperature and time; strengthen the regular detection and daily maintenance of roaster; shell roasting, immediately after pouring.
Dislocation: lock the live block when pressing, counteract the pressure of wax filling; determine the reasonable service life of the pressing type; select the injection pressure reasonably according to the size, shape and wax material of the wax mold.

腔残留物:后壳是hardened, it should be fully dried; select a reasonable roasting process and strictly control the roasting temperature and holding time: regularly check the roasting furnace to meet the process requirements; thoroughly clean the sprue cup before dewaxing Excess shell material on the top to avoid the shell material falling into the cavity during the dewaxing process; select a reasonable dewaxing process to strictly control the temperature and time of dewaxing; when replacing the dewaxing solution, completely remove the dewaxing The shell material at the bottom of the tank; the shell storage place should be managed in accordance with the 5s requirements, the shell should be stored upside down to prevent the shell material from falling into the cavity; be careful to avoid sprinkling the molding sand into the cavity without pouring.
Pit: Choose dry and clean charge, choose reasonable smelting process, and adopt secondary deoxidation; choose surface layer shell material reasonably; choose reasonable shell roasting process, strictly control roasting temperature and time, and eliminate residue in the cavity Make the shell white after firing; select a reasonable binder according to the material of the casting, such as silica sol binder; appropriately reduce the temperature of the molten metal and the shell during casting to speed up the cooling rate.

These kinds of the defect are common for steel casting manufacturers. A responsible steel casting company should demonstrate those defects and provide prevent solution for their customers. As the leader steel casting company in China, we have profesional steel investment casting factory, and are experienced to deal with these defects and provide perfect casting products to our customers. Our steel casting foundry is the capacity to satisfy your requirement.

What's your quality control system for steel casting process?

As one of the steel casting manufacturers, we perform production in strict accordance with each technical requirement in the PPAP document.
The contents of PPAP files include PFD, PFMEA, Control plan, Bubble Drawing, Dim Report, Material Inspected Report, Surface Inspected Report, Xray Inspection Report, MPI Report, etc.

Every steel casting foundry always obeys the quality control system. We still follow the standard of the best steel casting company in China. We support customers visiting our casting foundry and display the production line of different types of casting. As a responsible steel casting company, we will answer any question about the castings.

What’s your process of developing a new steel casting product?

If you want to develop new casting products, finding experienced steel casting manufacturers is important. Creating a cooperation with a professional steel casting company will save your time and costs during the product development and production process.

Dawang Steel Castings, founded in 1998, is an experienced steel casting company. We have 3 steel casting foundries in China supporting different types of casting to provide excellent, high quality steel casting.Our process is as the following:

  1. Send us the drawing, the content of the drawing includes weight, material, tolerance requirements, mechanical performance requirements, surface treatment requirements, heat treatment requirements and other technical parameters, preferably with 3D drawings.
  2. About 3-5 days to make a quotation and send it to the customer.
  3. After the customer finally agrees with the price, pay 50% of the mold fee in advance, and then we start to make molds and samples. The sample production cycle is about 8 weeks.
  4. The sample is sent to the customer. After the test is qualified, the customer pays the remaining 50% of the balance and the sample fee. The sample development process is completed.

Compared with other steel casting manufacturers, we always work closely with our customers to fulfill their needs. Our steel casting foundry provides high quality casting manufacturing and safety storage service. And as a responsible steel casting company, we are quick to answer any question that you may have during the casting process.

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